I'm Sriram Krishnaswamy


I am a graduate student with a keen interest in computational methods and high performance computing.

Masters' student in Mechanical Engineering at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering.

Currently working at the Stochastic Systems Lab under Dr. Mrinal Kumar and along with Dr. Yifei Sun.

My coursework at UF includes

  • Computational Fluid Mechanics
  • Turbulence
  • Fluid Mechanics 1 and 2
  • Control Systems Theory
  • Introduction to Compressible flow
  • Gas Turbines and Jet Engines

Double majored in Chemistry (Masters') and Mechanical Engineering (Bachelors') with my thesis in Mechanical Engineering to secure an Honors degree.

Pioneered the collegiete chapter of SAE-India and led the first team from BITS to CanSat Competition.

My coursework at BITS includes

  • Numerical Methods
  • CAD (including FEA)
  • Mechanics of Solids
  • Thermodynaics and Heat Transfer
  • Integral and Differential Calculus

I have worked on various projects

FPE image

Parallelizing Numerical Solution of High-Dimensional Fokker-Planck Equation

The numerical solution of high-dimensional Fokker-Planck Equation using Tensor methods, specifically CPD method method, was devised by Dr. Yifei Sun and prototyped in MATLAB. To achieve better performance and results, the code is being translated into C++ using Boost uBLAS libraries and parallelized using Intel OpenMP and Intel MPI libraries with the final goal of turning the solver into a library.

Chance image

Chance constrained reservoir risk allocation

The aim of this research is to predict the optimal cost and allocate appropriate risks for reservoir in a multi-reservoir system. This is carried out by using Stochastic optimization methods and Chance constrained programming. The code is written in MATLAB.

Thesis image

Automating airfoil analysis to identify flow separation and implement control techniques

I worked at the Thermal Turbomachines Lab in IIT Madras under Prof. N. Sitaram (now retired) as a part of my honors thesis. I automated an entire airfoil analysis with the help of Python and ANSYS FLUENT which is now being used in the lab for simulations and led to a few publications.

Cansat image

CanSat Competition 2013

The aim was to build a "Can Satellite" that mimics the functions of a normal satellite such as telemetry, aero-braking, etc. I raised an amount of $1,500 as sponsorship and we successfully launched our CanSat, Varuna, from Abilene, Texas on the summer of 2013. Subsequently, the design and concept was presented in front of the Director of ISRO.

NACA image

Flow separation over a NACA4421 airfoil

This was a term project along with a temporary faculty at BITS to understand the nature of flows over airfoils. I modelled a NACA4421 airfoil and simulated the flow over angles of attack varying to identify the most effective point of flow control.

IISC image

Vibrational analysis of human body in motion

As a sophomore, I interned at the Indian Institute of Science under Prof. Omkar and also guided by Prof. S.B. Kandagal on certain technical fields. I created a lumped parameter model of the human body with varying degrees of freedom based on Boileau and Rakheja model and tested the accuracy of each model.

  • Computational Investigations on the Effects of Gurney Flap on Airfoil Aerodynamics by Shubham Jain, N.Sitaram and Sriram Krishnaswamy in International Scholarly Research Notices
  • Exhaustive analysis of Gurney flap as a passive control Mechanism by Sriram Krishnaswamy, Shubham Jain and N.Sitaram in Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power, IIT Kanpur, December 2014
  • Building an Automation Environment for CFD Analysis of Aerofoils using Python and Scheme by Sriram Krishnaswamy and N. Sitaram in the Journal of Advanced Research in Applied Mechanics and Computational Fluid Dynamics

I have developed a unique set of skills through my experience...












...and like to use them for little hobby projects.

CFD image

CFD analysis code

I have always been interested in CFD and constantly dabble with it. With my coursework and online classes, I keep updating scripts on CFD constantly.

Data image

Amateur data analysis and modeling

This interest started with my course on uncertainity quantification where we were encouraged to come up with interesting problems of our own and I did.

Hovercraft image

Hovercraft design and implementation

As a part of SAE-India Collegiate chapter I raised a sponsorship of 45,000 INR for the construction of an electrically operated hovercraft. The hovercraft was successfully powered by 4 HP electrical motors and manned levitation tests were successful and progress was carried out later as a part of the club.

Finally, a little bit about me...

I like to learn

I follow many online courses - like Dr. Barba's and Prof. LeVeque's courses and make sure I keep in touch with the fundamentals.

I love traveling

I like to trek and have been to many places, trekking or otherwise, all over South India and especially in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu.

I follow technology

I'm fascinated by the level of innovation that is happening currently and always keep myself informed about the latest ones.

I write sometimes

I sometimes blog about things that excite me - like Emacs, Programming, PhD and Engineering. You can find it here

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